Friday, April 20, 2018

Things that Adaline loves:

Friends - Adaline recognizes and loves to be with her friends. If we're trying to motivate her to get going somewhere, it helps to mention that "so-and-so" will be there. In fact that is how we get her to go just about anywhere that she is resisting. She runs and chases and loves to drag friends around by the hand. If the friend is equally assertive, then there are clashes but the hurt feelings never last more than a minute. If the friend is a little less assertive, then s/he will be dragged around to whatever Adaline wants to do. Friends are what make her world go round.

Babies - She always notices the babies. Sometimes she just hovers around them waiting to be useful or to steal a pat. She makes herself useful and will make sure the baby is covered adequately. But this is always a means to an end. And that end is to hold the baby. She doesn't usually come out and ask to hold the baby at first. But after a few minutes of shadowing and assisting, she wants to hold the baby and she has the biggest smile while doing so.

Swimming - Sometimes on Saturdays we go to the local Park District Pool (Home of the Orcas) during family swim time. In just the last couple of months her confidence has grown tremendously. She will splash around until her lips are blue from the cold. She doesn't love to jump in by herself, but will jump in if anyone is holding her hand. We might be close to her jumping in sola.

Soccer - Last week she had her first organized soccer practice. When I got home from work, she promptly showed me the four kicks she has learned. Inner-foot kick, toe kick, side kick, and back kick. Her side kick consists of her carefully lining up next to the ball and pushing the ball with the side of her foot.

Pictures - She loves to look at pictures on our phones (Although she uses this as a ploy to get access to our phones and then switch to another app). But she also loves posing for pictures and taking pictures of what she considers to be photogenic moments. Sometimes she demands that we stop whatever we are doing so that we can document whatever she has found to be important enough to photograph.