Sunday, July 16, 2017


Sometimes we use the same description to describe two differnt things. In our case, we have discovered that not all "1-bedroom" apartments are created equal. We recently moved from our 1-bedroom apartment in North Lincoln Park, to another 1-bedroom apartment in North Lincoln Park.

Some people seem confused when I explain the move - "why go through the big hassle of moving, if it's a lateral move?"

Because the new 1-bedroom is so much more than the former!

Here are the pros:

-close to the zoo (there were only about 6 buildings closer to the zoo, so we were already pretty close).
-closets everywhere. Here is a list of all of our closets: coat closet, living space closet, XL hall closet, bedroom closet for her, bedroom closet for him. And there is a built-in located in the living space, another in the dining room, and another in the hall.
-the layout makes the place feel expansive. There is a hallway, the living space is seperate from the dining space which is seperate from the kitchen. The separated areas make it so that we can hardly hear each other from one end of the apartment to the other. It's great.
-Adaline gets to use the XL hall closest as her very own room. Her crib fits, she has her own shelves, and she sleeps like a champ in there.
-doormen means packages are delivered without any problems (although that wasn't really much of an issue before. 
-free cable! Tons of channels - we don't even know where to begin!

There are a few cons:

-the kitchen is a galley style and so it is very difficult to have more than one person working on meals.
-no parking anywhere close. Unless we are extremely fortunate.
-it kind of feels like we live in a hotel. Minus the room service.

Anyways, we are thrilled with the new arrangement and hope this year is as great as last year - but even more well-rested.