Wednesday, December 6, 2017

100th Blog Post

It took us five years to get to 100 blog posts. When Mrs. Bluth started this blog, it was to help keep her mother up-to-date on our lives. Since then, we have used this blog as a diary and family history. Because it is so incredibly easy to forget. Just as quickly as we are learning, we are forgetting.

But Adaline continues to amaze me at the things she remembers. She has an interesting personality and she sometimes doesn't seem to be paying attention, but she is. This last week we were walking up Clark Street when we passed Santa. He was taking pictures and greeting pedestrians. We tried to introduce Adaline, but the normally friendly girl was distressed by his friendliness. She bade him a farewell and we continued on our way. After grabbing a bite to eat, we headed back down the same way. A block before we could see Santa, she started pointing ahead and exclaiming, "Santa!"

She had remembered on which intersection he had been standing and recognized it from the other direction.

Mrs. Bluth and Adaline were walking past our old apartment last week. Adaline started to head towards our old door as if we had never left the place. It has been nearly 5 months since we moved - she was only 18 months old at the time - but she remembered.

The last couple times we went to the pediatrician, we were told to discipline with distraction. If we needed to take something away from Adaline, distract her, take it away, and then let her continue on her way. She would have typically forgotten what she had been doing. If she was throwing a fit, we could promise her a treat when we got home. And she would have forgotten by the time we arrived.

This is no longer working so well. She remembers promises that we make and she holds us accountable. She doesn't get distracted so easily. And if we take something away from her, she will remember exactly where we put and remember to find it there at a later time. We are going to have to get more creative.